Swearing is permitted. However, there are some limitations. However, racial or homophibic language is not okay and anything along those lines will be dealt with harshly and swiftly. This is also an english speaking wiki, so excessive use of other languages will not be allowed. 

Disruptive Chat

People can argue in chats, that's fine. It's up to them. However, if you start getting agressive or the chat begin to derail, then you will be asked to cease in the main chat and take it into PM's. 

Sexual Content

Avoid graphic detail, and you should be fine. Mostly, this is under moderator discression, so don't go overboard. While on the topic, linking pornographic and other disturbing material into the chat is a big no so avoid that. 

Chat Roleplaying

A little bit of this is fine, however, if it starts to take over the whole chat, people will be asked to take it to PM's or offsite. 

General Conduct

Not every action that can interfere with the purpose of chat - a place for the community to interact and enjoy themselves - can be covered by rules. If at least two thirds of the staff members in chat, or two members in agreeance if there are only two staff members present, believe that somebody is causing an issue, they can issue punishment as detailed in the lower section. 


First instance will result in a verbal warning, from there, a kick, a temp ban, and finially, a perma-ban from the chat.